Frequently Asked Questions

  • This depends on the job:

    For mapping, we would typically fly at 80-100 metres above the ground depending on the resolution we want to achieve.  For video work we would need to consider the shot and what it is that the client wants to achieve. Typically a maximum height of 120 metres is adopted in accordance with CAA rules.  

  • It is a common misconception that Multirotors or “drones” are a risk to privacy. however there are a number of factors that would make these machines impractical for misuse, these include:

    •  Noise – A multirotor in its smallest form factor for commercial use, still makes a reasonable amount of nose (similar to a swarm of bees). this noise would forewarn anyone before it even got within 100 metres.
    • Lights – The flashing navigational lights are also a dead giveaway.
    • Altitude – At the height that we need to fly at to get good images (~90 m), a person is typically only 2-4 pixels (looking straight down).  This is less than a dot in the image.
    • Angle – Our mapping pictures are taken at NADIR or ‘straight down’ positions, making it very difficult to capture license plates or vehicle makes/models.   
  • Yes. Our aerial equipment is fully insured and we carry up to $2 million in public liability insurance, so rest assured that we have taken all the steps to indemnify our clients as much as possible. 

  • At HAAST we have a robust and comprehensive health and safety plan, and we are working towards ACC approval. Furthermore we  provide ‘job start’ documentation and site hazard assessments on any work that we undertake.