About Us

With the recent breakthroughs in autonomous flight technologies, it has never been easier or more affordable to gain access to high quality, detail-rich and geospatially accurate aerial imagery.

These breakthroughs have led to innovations in a number of fields such as agriculture, construction, surveying, environmental studies, and mining; not to mention a whole raft of new and emerging applications. 

With the ability to carry a number of different sensors from Near-Infrared (NIR) to thermal, HAAST is able to design a solution to fit your needs.  The process is simple and cost effective.  Our staff will do a consultation with you and make sure we get the data that you need.  We will then scope the site and create a mission plan catered to your specific needs.

HAAST have partnered with a leading supplier of UAV technologies to build a fixed wing platform that boast some of the best features in the industry, these include:

  • A lightweight airframe (less than 2.5 kg) for improved flight times and safety;
  • With an endurance in excess of 90 minutes in the air, we are able to cover more ground with less stoppage time;
  • The ability to cover approximately 900 acres (3.5km2) per flight;
  • Image resolutions as high as 3cm / pixel

At HAAST we employ a robust and quality assured Post-Processing service to provide feature rich and vivid ortho mosaics ready for use in CAD, GIS platforms and online mapping tools such as Google Maps/Earth.